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Cameron Ingalls is a photographer based in San Luis Obispo, California with a passion for telling each couple’s unique love story through stills and motion. He caters to weddings and events, as well as families on the Central Coast and throughout California.

We did a ton of upfront research really trying to nail down Cameron’s message and story before jumping into the design. He shoots a heck of a lot of weddings, but his portfolio is also full of lots of families and individuals in his community. It’s these different chapters in our lives that he captures on a day to day basis, making each experience feel comfortable and real for those behind the camera. We thought this was a really important part of Cameron’s message. He’s not just capturing a day or a moment, he’s capturing the next chapter of your story through stills and motion.

His style is warm and inviting, capturing fleeting moments in some of the most stunning natural light. We picked a color palette of mustard yellow, burnt orange, warm grey and antique white to reflect many of the colors you see in his photos. We brought in the talented Anna of Cast & Company to hand letter Cameron’s name and illustrate a pocket watch to tie in with his anthem “Fall in Love with a Moment”.

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