A few months ago I took on the project of rebranding the PNW based cider brand, Square Mile Cider Co. Unfortunately the project got dropped, but I thought I'd share my designs. I wrote the backstory below and designed 4 logos based on the following brand proposition:

Square Mile Cider celebrates the pioneering spirit of the Pacific Northwest, believing that there are no shortcuts in life, in nature, or in making our hard ciders.


Square Mile Cider is a modern-pioneering brand with a sense of adventure running deep. It takes pride in its local roots using only the highest quality, locally grown apples. It believes the simplest moments can be the most significant, and that sometimes all you need is a road in front of you for that adventure to begin. 

Square Mile Cider is that weekend warrior out on the trail at 7AM, but back home early enough to enjoy dinner with friends around the backyard fire pit. It’s the modern day explorer searching for the last undiscovered camping spot or that group of friends that pile into a camper van to explore the Oregon coast for a weekend. It’s that rare soul who still keeps a physical map in their car for the places where Google Maps can’t even find them. It is a brand that believes there are no shortcuts in this world, regardless of where your life leads and that working hard will only strengthen your passion.

Square Mile Cider understands that those who wander may be the ones who find the greatest adventures.