My name is Kelly La Plante and I am a graphic designer currently living in Portland, Oregon. Originally from the sunny sands of Southern California, I made my way up to the glorious Pacific Northwest in 2014. Design has always been a huge part of my life with every member of my family either being in advertising or graphic design. I graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in Centeral California with a BFA in graphic design. From there I headed up to San Francisco where I was a part of a vast array of industries all the while learning and further developing my skills as a designer.

I love any sort of design where conceptual problem solving is involved and never tire of searching for that perfect design solution to whatever project I'm working on.  I believe good design takes time, inspiration and a strong attention to detail. As famous designer Charles Eames once said "the details are not the details. They make the design." I have a strong passion for beautiful typography, meticulously decorated homes, throwing killer dinner parties, exploring the great outdoors with my family, and coffee...lots of coffee.

Being born and raised only a few blocks from the beach, the ocean has been a large facet in my life. It is both humbling and inspiring staring out at that big blue puddle. Jumping in the ocean is like hitting a reset button for me and seems to be the cure for (almost) everything. The name See Level stems from this constant longing to be near the ocean along with the calmness and level headedness I feel after seeing it.

I am currently in search of the perfect coffee shop, so if you'd like to discuss java or perhaps some design work, throw a bit of type my way and lets brainstorm!